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Tools for Shifting Energy: Fire Ceremony

CAUTION Please be careful when working with fire, and do so at your own risk.  As always, take all reasonable safety precautions.

Fire Ceremony is one of the most powerful ways of transforming an issue or emotion.  We have used this method time and time again when we were in the midst of emotional turmoil and could not see a resolution to an issue or emotion.  We simply wanted some relief to the pain or sadness, or wanted to honor a time of deep transition.

By its very nature fire is highly transformative.  Burning away an emotion or energy that is causing you to suffer is more than just symbolic, it can serve as a way to quickly and powerfully take something from the energetic into to the physical, then literally have it burned away. It gets it up and out of your body – so stop sitting in it and do something!

You can do a Fire Ceremony anywhere:  an outdoor fire pit, a fireplace, with a candle, or you can create a small fire pit indoors using a DIY tray as described below.  You can do this by yourself, with a loved one holding space for you, or even in a group setting with each person taking their turn to release what they need to.


If you do not have a fire pit or fire place (this can be used indoors):

  • Small disposable aluminum cake pan (found at any grocery store, usually in the baking aisle. The size used for making banana bread)
  • 80% or higher Rubbing Alcohol (CVS, RiteAid, or similar pharmacy stores have this – note it must be high %, not regular 40% rubbing alcohol, or else it won’t burn)
  • Box of Kosher or coarse salt
  • Long-tipped lighter (At any grocery or drugstore you can buy lighters with long tips, so your fingers do not need to be close to the flame)
  • Small wood twigs
  • To create the DIY fire pit:  place the aluminum pan on a heat-resistant surface (stone, cutting board, on a cement patio, etc) and fill it with 1” to 2″ of salt to cover the entire bottom of the pan. Then pour in 1 CAPFUL of rubbing alcohol.  You can add more rubbing alcohol later, but only add a very small amount at a time as it can ignite quickly. Light it using a long-tipped fire starter, being careful as rubbing alcohol can burn clear so it may be lit without fully seeing the flame.  The rubbing alcohol will burn off within a minute or so, add more (carefully) as needed.

If you are using a fire pit / fireplace:

  • Fire pit or approved safe location for outdoor fire
  • Logs & kindle to start your fire
  • Twigs or leaves – anything burnable from nature

Quick & easy with a candle:

  • Tall candle
  • Cut up pieces of paper

How to:

  1. Open sacred space by calling upon your guides, angels, or any beings you feel will help hold a safe space for you.  You may also light candles and take a moment to honor the sacred process of Fire Ceremony and allow yourself to drop in to the moment.
  2. Start your fire (firepit, DIY fire pan, or light the candle).
  3. Take a small stick or twig – or if using a candle take a piece of cut up paper.
    Close your eyes and get present to the issue or emotion you’re experiencing.
    Feel the depth of it in your physical body.
    Feel where it is contracting you, where there is tension, where there is pain or sadness.
    Using your breath, blow all of this feeling into the twig, consciously asking it be released from your being. Blow into the twig as many times as you need to in order to feel you “got it all”.  For example: “I release the heaviness in my heart, the feeling of sadness. I honor the lesson it brought but I no longer need to suffer. I ask it be gone for my highest good”.
  4. Then, with intention, think of what you DO want in your life.
    What feeling, emotion, situation, or circumstance would you like in its place?  (i.e. “I call in unconditional love, that I am shown how I am surrounded by love and have many people who support me, honor who I am, and I am open to receiving and sharing that love“).
    Blow your intention of what you are calling in into the twig.
    Note: This is about YOU and your soul journey.  Do not use this to attempt to change someone else’s circumstance or their behavior.  Focus on your own experiences and what you want to create for your own life.
  5. When you feel ready, place the twig in the fire.   Allow it to burn.
  6. As it burns, wave your hands over / near the fire and scoop the smoke rising from your twig into your body.  Pull the energy being released from the fire up and into your body and over your head, as if you were washing yourself with this smoke.  Feed your body with the fire and smoke being released.
  7. Sit with the fire and watch as your object continues to burn.  It does not have to be fully burnt to a crisp, just enough that smoke is released.
  8. Once complete, sit in stillness and honor the feeling of release.  You do not need to know how things will change, but trust “it is done”.
  9. Close sacred space by thanking the Fire element for helping you release the energy, and to any guides you may have called upon to be with you.

You may feel immediately lighter or a shift, but that’s ok if not too.  If its nighttime continue to be gentle with your energy, take a salt bath if need be, and go to bed.  Notice the next day how you feel and in the days to come.

Be open to things changing as a result of the fire and be willing to surrender to those changes being brought in.  At times it may not always seem easy as our culture tends to resist change, but know any changes in work, relationships, thoughts, etc. are all part of that transformation and its important you allow them to happen.
May this serve you on your path. And please add your comments below and let us know how this has worked for you!

John & Eden

(p.s. this is a particularly powerful tool to work with during times of transition or “death”, for more information read “Embracing Cycles: Death, Re-Birth and Growth“)

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