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Total Energy Renewal

Total Energy Renewal:
How to Expand Your Energetic Capacity
on All 4 Levels
(Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual)

As part of our popular on-going monthly web series, we decided to bring you a condensed version of our weekend retreat held in L.A. earlier this month…for free!

It’s been said that managing energy, not time, is our most precious commodity. Yet, how can we expand our awareness to the ENTIRE energy that we carry? When we can move beyond either “having energy or not”, then we can source from deeper places to renew our energy on all levels.

One of the keys to manifesting our desires is having the ENERGY to do so… and we don’t just mean not being tired.

In this episode we covered:

Physical: How to raise your vibration and power through living foods
Mental: A quick technique for balancing the energy hemispheres of the brain and putting yourself in the ideal state for meditation
Emotional: Clearing the past and releasing old energies that are blocking your power
Spiritual: Aligning with your deepest power source to manifest your intentions for this year

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John Germain Leto

After a successful career as an agent for such artists as Beyonce and Usher, John ached to make a bigger difference with his life. He’s now coached hundreds of people to greater success and spoken to thousands through his seminars across the country. He’s been featured in USA Today, Life & Style, and the New York Daily News as well as appeared as a life coach on MTV’s “Made”, in addition to ABC News and Entertainment Tonight.