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Want to Create Your Life?
You Need To Do This.

Written by Eden Clark

This week I was in session with a client and talked to her about the power of creating her reality. We spoke about how many people talk about manifesting or creating their life, but don’t actually do it – not regularly anyway.

How often do you pro-actively set aside time to truly CREATE your reality and dreams?

Here’s the thing:

CREATION IS AN ACTIVE CO-CREATIVE PROCESS. You can’t be passive about your life and expect miracles to show up or change to happen. Thinking about what you want isn’t enough. Complaining about what you want (or don’t have) certainly isn’t going to help either. I see it no different than exercise – you can be busy all day long “doing” stuff to keep weight off, you can complain about those few extra pounds, you can talk about going for a walk, or know how to lift weights – but unless you actually set 30 mins or 1 hour aside to focus on doing exercise, it won’t produce results – at least not significantly. Yes you can “maintain” yourself – or your life – through doing positive things, but CREATION is an ACTION, it is a co-creative energy that requires you step in and step up for it to meet you half way.

And so I encourage you:

This week set 10 or 20 minutes aside to go in to stillness and visualize what it is you are wanting in your life next. Is it a new job? A relationship? Clarity on your purpose? A shift in being? The healing of a situation that has been stuck? Whatever it may be, actually take time to become CLEAR on what it is you are asking for. Its not about writing down every detail of the *outcome*, but rather having clarity about your intentions.

For example: say you are not happy with your current job and that you are seeking something more fulfilling. Become clear that you want a change and set the intention you are ready for it to manifest. Let go of the fear of change, or not knowing how you can make a change, and instead say “Yes, I am ready, I need help in making it happen“. ASK and then VISUALIZE an amazing new opportunity coming your way that is fulfilling, supports you financially, and is a perfect fit for who you are. Thank and honor your current work for everything it has been and how it has supported you. Feel complete with the old, and open yourself for the new. Its not about knowing what that next job or position is going to be (or relationship, or how a situation needs to heal, or whatever)…. rather its the energy and emotion associated with the outcome you want to connect with. Meaning, its the resonance of the outcome – be it happiness, peace, fulfillment, a sense of completion, financial abundance, etc. SEE it and FEEL it with all of your heart, and ask it be brought to you (I usually add “with ease and grace”, just in case the universe decides to throw my life in to temporary chaos just for fun).
This is the first, powerful, step in manifesting. After all – the Universe can’t deliver something to you if you aren’t clear on what you want. Your heart needs to feel the truth of what you want, and claim it – fully and totally.

If you’re artistic, perhaps make a collage or dream board, or some visual representation of your intention. Or create an altar and put images associated with what it is you are asking for. Also create a space to honor the old and letting go of whatever it is needs releasing in order for the new to come in. Actively co-creating the energy of what it is you want and surrounding yourself with it is a creative (creation) process. By doing something pro-active you’re helping say to the Universe / Spirit / your Guides – “Yes I am ready. I am asking for your help. Here is what I am asking for”. Then they can go “Ah – ok got it. We’ll get started on that for you!”…. and then be open to what shows up. Release expectations of how you think it should look like, or how you think it should come to you (or when), or even what needs to first heal (aka. be let go of) so the new can show up. But keep holding the feeling and visions of what it is you desire.

And this last bit is key: DESIRE. You need to want it – fully, totally, actively. Not half-hearted. Not with excuses. Just simply because you are a being of divine free will and have the power to co-create anything you choose, just because you can.

It is your life to live, so choose and create it powerfully!

Much love,


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Eden Clark

Eden has been a published author with Random House, has written for countless magazines and blogs, and is a contributing writer for PREVENTION magazine with more that 10 million readers. Her desire is for people to step out of the exhaustive cycle of what they think their life has to be, and instead awaken to their full power, their highest path, and their brightest future.