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Earth Wisdom 2018

Q’ERO EAGLE/CONDOR RITES & INITIATIONS – Sat, April 21 & Sun, April 22
SWEAT LODGE – Open to Anyone – Sat April 21 evening
Celebrate Earth Day and step into a magical
event with master shamans!

See full details below



Transmission of Ayni Karpi Rites of Initiation
Despacho (prayer bundle blessing) | Fire Ceremony & Sacred Drumming
Sharing of Earth Wisdom | Sweat Lodge | Q’ero Peruvian textiles, art and jewelry
Private sessions* available with Don Pablo

We are excited to have not just one, but THREE shaman master teachers flying in to be at our home and retreat center, The Sanctuary, over Earth Day weekend!


(Saturday / Sunday and private sessions all week)
One of the elders from Hatun Qeros village, at 17,000 feet elevation in the Andes Mountains of Peru. The Q’ero are an ancient lineage of descendants that served as High Priests to the Incan Empire.  Don Pablo Cruz Quispe is Grandson to the Late Don Manuel Q’espi. Pablo grew up with him as a fly on the wall learning the ways of his people, the keepers of this anchient Andean Cosmology as Don Manuel, the last remaining Kuraq akulleq Alto Mosayoq, taught his students – the apprentices who would carry these mystical ways into the future. When Don Francisco, Don Humerto and Don Sebasian studied under the last remaining master, Don Pablo recieved his tutelage imursed in the true ways of oral societies, in service to his grandfather.


(Thursday/Friday medicine ceremony and Sat/Sunday transmissions)
He has been walking his medicine path for more than 15 years, having been accepted into numerous indigenous First Nations, Native American and Hawaiian lineages. He is acknowledged as a traditional sweat lodge ceremonial leader, shaman, and Reiki Master. He has lived and worked with the Q’ero for more than 8 years ago, and has sat in well over a 100 ceremonies with his primary teacher Don Humberto Soncco Quispe and assisted him directly in over 300 healing sessions. He started working with Don Pablo Quispe 3 years ago after bringing a group of seekers to their remote villages high in the Andes Mountain, and was invited by Don Pablo to his home village to pass the initiation rights of an Andean Healer directly at his primary Apu Huamalipa (the Healers mountain).


Please come join us to share in the unique work done by the Q’ero people and those deeply integrated with the wisdom of Grandfather medicine in this special 2-day event.

qero2The Q’ero are an ancient lineage of descendants that served as High Priests to the Incan Empire. It is our pleasure to offer you the opportunity to work directly with one of the few remaining elders fully trained in the ways and teachings of this ancient culture, Don Pablo Quispe.

This weekend will be a powerful initiation into what’s known as Earth Keeper wisdom.  For centuries, indigenous shamans from many continents – especially from places such as the High Andes of Peru – have been able to communicate and receive wisdom directly from the Earth and all of her beings.  The ability to open this relationship and understanding between you, the Earth, and all of its elements is an incredibly powerful force to hold.  It requires authenticity, integrity and being in “Ayni” – that is, being in right relationship with all things.

Led by our master shamans, this two day event we will be weaving together a series of ceremonies, initiations, and teachings that open up the doorway for you to access the realms of Earth Wisdom and accelerate into the prophecies of Human being to Luminous Being.  If you have already started this path, then this weekend will take you even deeper into your connection.

Normally you would have to fly to Peru to receive many of the Rites of Initiation that will be given, but instead we’re bringing these exceptional shamans to you!

Here’s a video from John talking about the specialness of the Q’ero:

Q’ero Event1

What are the Ayni Karpay Rites of Initiation? 

Eden_QeroRitesAyniKarpayA karpay transmission is where a Paco (an Incan Priest) intercedes on our behalf by invoking the Elemental Beings to assist us in the shift from the human beings we are to the luminous beings we are all becoming. By planting an intentional Luminous seed that literally infuses itself to our DNA, this seed – once given to us by them and fed by us – will grow in our energetic fields and is there to assist us in that transformational process. According to many of the indigenous cultures around the globe that have held their prophecies safe for this time, including the Q’ero, the Hopi, the Mayan, the Tibetan, the Maori and many more, all of mankind is in the process of shifting in this way. The Q’ero Ayni Karpay assists us by expediting this process exponentially. Don Pablo will be gifting the CONDOR / EAGLE rites, among others:  All who receive the gift of their transmissions are instantly initiated Pacos of this ancient lineage and become themselves ambassadors to the world on its behalf.

What is a Despacho Ceremony?

A Despacho Ceremony is an interactive ceremony where all involved build together (unity consciousness) a living mandala using items gathered from our local environment to offer our prayers and intentions to Spirit. These offerings are put together in a way that energetically weave the three worlds of existence, The (Hanoq Pacha) upper world, the middle world (Kay Pacha) and the lower world (the Uku Pacha) together by balancing the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. This balance is the alchemy that ties the three worlds together. It brings our intentions to the elemental beings that govern the intricate balance that exists between all beings so they can assists us in rightly relating ourselves to the world around us.

REgisterButton_$100toHold_PayPal(Pay the deposit now to reserve your spot. We will email you to confirm which days you are attending,
then you will be sent a link
 to pay the balance 5 days before the event!)
See Event Costs Below


(see page below for breakdown of events each day!)
Saturday / Sunday Q’ero and Rites of Initiation (Saturday 21st/Sunday 22nd only) –  $288


  • Accommodations
  • All organic meals, spring water, teas and coffee (*please bring some of your own snacks or any specialty food/drink items you may require)
  • Shared wisdom, group work, and integration
  • Ayni Karpi Rites of Initiation direct from Q’ero elder Don Pablo
  • Sweat lodge (this part only is a FREE event open to anyone who wants to attend – even if you are not participating in the paid events for the weekend)


Sanctuary_Vishnu-circleTHE SANCTUARY is John and Eden’s private home and retreat space on 3 acres of land in Bonsall, North San Diego County (15 mins inland from the ocean, approx 35 mins from Encinitas, 1 hr from Orange County, or 2 hrs from LA).  This beautiful home and grounds have been enveloped in crystal grids and protection stones, have been brought into harmony with the Elemental Spirits and Ancestors, and include walking paths, medicine wheels, a ceremonial fire pit, citrus and macadamia nut tree groves, hawks and owls, and so much more.



The weekend’s events will consist of a powerful series of wisdom talks, ceremonies, and rites of initiations performed directly by Q’ero shaman Don Pablo from Peru along with Steve Anderson.

Outline (please note times may change as we stay in flow):

10:00am: Welcome and introduction to our shaman guests
11:30am: Offerings to the land, group despacho
1:30pm: Lunch
2:30pm: Transmission of Ayni Karpay Rites
5:30pm: Break, dinner
7:00pm: Fire ceremony and drumming
7:30pm: Sweat lodge (Optional, and open to anyone who wants to attend.  This is a free event)
Late evening, if in flow: Music, gathering, evening lounge

7:30am:  Light yoga, breath work
8:30am: Organic breakfast
9:30am: Wisdom & sharing circle
10:00am: Third Ayni Karpi rite
11:30am: Final circle, closing

Q’ero Elder Don Pablo will be available for private despacho sessions where he will powerfully call in the assistance, energies, and clear any blocks to help you in all areas of your life – home, work, career, financial, loved ones, health and family.  Sessions are 1 hour. Cost: $225/session (100% of proceeds go to Don Pablo to support him and his village).  Cash only.

Sunday: 2:00pm – 6:00pm
Q’ero Don Pablo will be available for PRIVATE 1-on-1 sessions.

Monday: 10:00am – 5:00pm
Q’ero Don Pablo will be available for PRIVATE 1-on-1 sessions.



BONUS: SATURDAY EVE SWEAT LODGE!  Community Event open to anyone, by donation

Steve Anderson has been walking the Red Road – a Native American / First Nations medicine path with acknowledgment and recognition from several indigenous tribal elders for more than 15 years.  He has been leading traditional sweat lodge ceremonies for 10 years.

He will be creating a sweat lodge on the property on Friday. If you are staying the weekend, you have the opportunity to help in its building and creation.

On Saturday evening, following the Ayni Karpi Rite of Initiation, you have the option of participating in the sweat lodge.  It is open to men and women.

IMPORTANT:  Please note – the sweat lodge is offered for FREE by Steve Anderson and is not a part of the paid events.  It is open to ANYONE who wishes to attend, apart from the paid events. 


REgisterButton_$100toHold_PayPal(Pay the deposit now to reserve your spot. We will email you to confirm which days you are attending,
then you will be sent a link
 to pay the balance 5 days before the event!)


We ask everyone stay on site to maintain the integrity of the group:

  • INCLUDED:  Slumber party style sleeping inside the home (Bring your own sleeping mat, however up to 20 thick twin sleeping mattresses are available, but you must bring your own blankets & pillow.  Please let us know if you do not have a mat so one can be held for you).There are numerous living areas to find a private cozy sleeping spot.
  • INCLUDED:  Bring your own tent! (We have a few areas where you can set up. You must bring all necessary tent items)

GlampingTent_Circle2 Private Glamping tents are also available! Would you prefer to sleep in your own private space outside in luxury? ADDITIONAL COST of $150 per tent (or $75 per person) for all 4 days.  One glamping tent has 2 twin beds, the other glamping tent has 1 Queen.  Each are carpeted, have proper raised beds with mattresses, luxe bedding, tables, lamps, flowers, and a heater!  Please note bathrooms are still to be used inside the home.


REgisterButton_$100toHold_PayPal(Pay the deposit now to reserve your spot. We will email you to confirm which days you are attending,
then you will be sent a link
 to pay the balance 5 days before the event!)


JohnEden_LagunaBeach“Having been students and teachers of shamanic wisdom for over a decade, we have had the honor to work with, and become close allies with, a small handful of master teachers. These are people whose integrity, authenticity, power, and connection to Earth and the realm of Spirit we have experienced first hand.  We continually remain in awe of their commitment to their path and miracles they create.  This weekend came about through nothing less than a boatload of divine alignment, and we know it will leave everyone who participates with a deeper connection to Earth and all of her magic.  If you are here to be in service to this world, then nothing is more important than being powerfully grounded and understanding the earth realm in which we exist.”


Email us at info@johnandeden.com for additional questions.