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Wedding & Divine Unions

That initial spark we feel when we meet our twin flame ignites a deep passion within our soul to reunite and be one. Within time, that passion blossoms in to the desire to unite as a divine union, signifying to each other that we are choosing to consciously step in to the responsibility of opening our hearts fully to unconditional love. As such, wedding ceremonies and divine unions are a rite of passage. They are a rite of passage that weave together not only the physical aspects of your union, but also the spiritual and energetic union of your Soul’s journey.

The ceremony or ritual you choose should reflect this commitment and weave together all of the beliefs, desires, and manifestations you wish to create together.

Many people are seeking out non-traditional ceremonies that better reflect their beliefs, and more wholly integrate family, friends and loved ones in attendance.

Divine unions are not just a spectator sport, but rather an opportunity for all involved to create an intimate and magical sacred space in which miracles can emerge, in which our hearts are burst wide open, and in which everyone leaves the circle humbled and honored to be in the presence of pure Love.

We offer several ceremony ideas that are unique, exquisitely beautiful, and always deeply moving for all involved.