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Amazon & The Andes of Peru 2016

See full details, itinerary & costs below.
LAST MINUTE (May) – 2 spots have opened up!

We held a live video call discussing the trip in more detail.
To request a link to the recorded video, please and Eden are excited to guide you
on a powerful and transformative journey
for your Soul.


Each year we are guided to bring a group of people to this magical land, a place that has deeply touched our hearts and stirred our souls.  If you have never been, Peru is unique.  The energies are intact and pure, the medicine ways ancient and powerful.  It is a place that is fast becoming known around the world for it’s ability to heal, awaken, and evolve our very being.  It is a cosmic anchor point and a potent portal for divine creation.

Our trip is not for everyone.

But it is for people who are ready and willing to step in powerfully to
everything that needs letting go of, and everything that is ready to awaken within you.


  1. We support you every step of the way – from the moment we create the trip, we envision the 18 souls who are meant to join us and call you forward.
  2. Upon registration, we begin to hold space for your deep transformation. We work with you to create specific intentions and hold the energy of your intentions with you.
  3. We hold several group calls leading up to the journey to prepare you for what’s to come, to weave together the group dynamics, and be sure we arrive ready to hit the ground running.
  4. We create a private attendee-only Facebook group so we can communicate trip details, share thoughts, ask questions, and all get to know each other prior to the trip.
  5. We give you a homeopathic version of the plant medicine to take prior to our trip to prepare your body for the experience in the jungle.
  6. We offer additional private 1-on-1 sessions (at a discounted rate to trip attendees) to help you open the light body and help with the work you will be doing in the jungle.
  7. During our 10 days together, we dive deep into ceremony with our indigenous healers, guiding you, working 1-on-1 with you, and supporting you each and every day to realize your intentions for healing, awakening, transformation or whatever it is that personally called you to Peru.
  8. We offer a post-trip year-long program* including monthly group calls and sacred ceremonies to help you fully integrate your shifts from the trip, rejoin your new friends, and ultimately help you create the new life you manifested on the trip.

We do not simply lead a sightseeing tourist trip to Peru, nor are we there to speak ‘at you’ with spiritual talk.  We put in a tremendous amount of time and effort to create an experience for your deep and personal transformation, and are dedicated to seeing you get everything you want – and more!

*not included in trip price, program is optional and is discussed at the end of the trip

Here’s a few testimonials from our recent trips….

“This was one of my best sacred travel experiences. Thank you from the heart.”

“John and Eden put together an amazing, magical experience that so fully supported my intention for personal healing. They organized all the details and maintained a consistent sacred container so it was OK for me to turn inward or expand outward, whatever my heart called for in the moment. I wanted a travel experience focused on spiritual development, but not led by a couple of authoritative ‘gurus’. Gratefully, this is what I received. Love to you both!.”

“You did an amazing job with every aspect of this trip.”

“Great leaders. Great planning and everything went on without a tremendous amount of chaos which is unbelievable in this size of a group. Sharing of wisdom was spot on!”

“John and Eden are wonderful. Communication throughout the process was informative and organized. I felt very comfortable in the container they created.”

“John – your presence and energy were such a blessing. I felt you were mindful of each of our journeys and held the space for our 8 day ceremony (yes from start to finish…all a ceremony) beautifully. Thank you.”

“So many small meaningful parts…  The combination of energy from everyone in the group was perfect and each interaction with was so deep and powerful.”

“Your trip was wonderful, I wouldn’t change a thing”

“Eden…you are a living example of how to balance spirit world with earth world …from Ether to Earth. Your brilliance in communication and organization as well as tuning in to the energy needs of each moment was a teaching I will never forget. I am so grateful for all you shared in both your words and being.”

“As I have been telling all my friends, I would do this trip again in a heartbeat!”


and have the afternoon free to get settled with our new home.  Before dinner, we will meet in circle to officially welcome the group and provide initial thoughts on the days to come, and meet those who will be working with us in ceremony.
and intention setting. Lunch, then time in the jungle connecting with its energy. Visit with parrots, butterflies, and abundant jungle life, take a swim under the waterfall. Our first evening ceremony with the curanderos, our indigenous shamans, outdoors under the stars.
and guidance as needed.  Lunch, then flowers bath next to the waterfall by the Shipibo maestras (women healers), free time, then evening ceremony again.
and receive 1-on-1 help.  Lunch, followed again by flowers bath next to the waterfall, optional art therapy painting and creative projects, free time, then our last evening of ceremony!
and guidance as needed.  We then board our buses and do a beautiful day excursion to a luscious waterfall and lake up in the mountains! Lunch outdoors and time to relax.  Dinner, then free evening.
and our shamans, and embark on the second part of our adventure.  We fly to Cusco, arriving early evening, and head out to the Sacred Valley to check-in to a luxe hotel for rest & relaxation!
and into the snow-peaked Andes mountains!  We will arrive to a native village, take a short hike to our camp site location (all tents and equipment will be set up for us).  Two Q’ero shamans will join us as we connect deeply with the energy of the mountains, eat dinner under the stars, and share wisdom around a camp fire.
and guides will lead us on a 2 hour hike up to a magical canyon, where we will be surrounded by condors and eagles flying overhead!  There, we will honor the earth and have our Q’ero shamans lead a despacho ceremony, followed by giving each person a shamanic rite of initiation. Once complete, we will descend back to base camp, where we will say goodbye to our guides and board the bus back to Cusco, checking in to a new hotel.
 and once again enter in a ceremony for our Soul’s journey.  This is a day-long ceremony where we will experience the profound beauty and magic of pachamama (mother earth), and work together well into the evening, gathering around the fire and deepening our connection and understanding of our Soul’s journey from this trip.  We will be staying the night at the mountain house.
and head back in to the city of Cusco where people will leave to catch their flights home*, everyone returning home with our heart’s full and lives changed.
(*some people may choose to extend their trip with additional excursions, such as to Machu Picchu.  Contact us for details).




*Why is the deposit non-refundable?  As soon as you register we begin to secure buses, tickets, and other logistics against that money. A tremendous amount of time and effort goes in to each person as soon as you register. If you drop out, we are out that money… even in the event we find a replacement for your spot.  PLEASE HONOR THIS DEPOSIT EXCHANGE, EVEN IF YOU MUST DROP OUT FOR PERSONAL REASONS AT ANY POINT BEFORE THE TRIP.   The deposit cannot be applied to future trips or personal sessions.




Contact andeden.com
or call John Germain Leto at 917-439-1242.