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Accessing Your Divine Guidance

Accessing Your Divine Guidance

When John and I started our awakened path we had heard all about listening to one’s guides and angels – or even to elementals and other nature spirits – but how could that be done? Wasn’t it just “psychic” or “woo woo” types who could do that? And how could someone even trust what voices they heard? or felt? or how does that even work? Now, both John and I have a deep and powerful connection to our Guides that offer profound wisdom, truth, and guidance. We not only know it as truth, but rely on it for most of our decisions – and they never steer us wrong. Know that you can do it! Everyone can. Let us show you how to start, clear the path, or even deepen your connection if it’s already begun…

In this web episode, we discussed:
– What is divine guidance and why it’s available to us
– The types of Guides available
– How to clear and prepare the physical body for greater connection
– What the pineal gland has to do with divine connection
– Tools for divination and guidance
– Discernment and trusting the information you receive
…. and more!

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John Germain Leto

After a successful career as an agent for such artists as Beyonce and Usher, John ached to make a bigger difference with his life. He’s now coached hundreds of people to greater success and spoken to thousands through his seminars across the country. He’s been featured in USA Today, Life & Style, and the New York Daily News as well as appeared as a life coach on MTV’s “Made”, in addition to ABC News and Entertainment Tonight.