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Peruvian Medicine Ceremony

Written by Eden Clark
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Sacred Peruvian Medicine Ceremony
Join us for a private ceremony that will bring forth a profound stillness to access the Sun – the Divine Masculine heart – within us.

Our ceremonies are a day-long and overnight exploration into the ways of the Heart.  It is a beautiful, relatively mild experience with most of the day spent in our private garden that provides a profound stillness, a strong connection with Mother Earth, and insights to our deepest questions about our life and soul’s journey.

The ceremonies are a chance to unplug from your usual reality and accelerate the growth of your spiritual path so that you can learn the lessons that you’re meant to learn and click forward faster to the fully realized version of yourself, your work, romantic relationship, family, and purpose in this world.

This all-day and overnight experience will allow you to completely slow down your mind so that you can hear the rhythm and wisdom of your heart.  
After this ceremony, people report feeling:
  • A connection with their heart that is hard to put into words
  • A deep sense of groundedness with Mother Earth
  • Clarity around their biggest questions in life
  • A heightened sense of love for themselves, others, and the planet
  • A renewed optimism to move forward on their highest path

Dates of our upcoming ceremonies in Bonsall, CA:


Space is limited to 20 people per ceremony and we typically sell out. If you have questions or would like to reserve your place for an upcoming ceremony, please email us at info@johnandeden.com.

A note about the gentleness of the experience:

It is sometimes called a “Grandfather” ceremony because that’s the kind of energy that is typically experienced. Imagine the most gentle, wise, patient, compassionate and sweet grandfather. During the ceremony, it’s like he “whispers” to you. So it is important to slow down your mental activity so that you can hear what is being whispered to your heart.

A good friend who has been to several ceremonies last year compares the experience to those 3-D graphic images that were popular back in the 90’s, where you would stare at them and it would seem like nothing is happening. Then the more you look at it, something shifts just slightly, and the whole image comes alive. That’s very close to how the experience is. Some of the time, it’s easy to say to yourself, “I feel totally normal. Is this right?” But then if you slow down your mind enough, Grandfather finds you, and your reality slightly shifts, so that a new awareness occurs that provides for healing and insights.


– It is a day & night of sacred ceremony, guided meditations and vision quests, inward journeys, and connection with earth.
– It can be a beautiful, gentle, but profound way to enter into your deeper consciousness and connect with life in all its forms.
– The journey you have depends upon your own intentions, desires, and commitment to the process.
– Most importantly, your experience is often a direct reflection of your own ability to get out of your head, be in stillness, and listen to what your heart and Soul want to communicate.
– You must be prepared to “do your own work”.
– There will be time in circle, time to share insights and experiences, and also time for you to be on your own.

Our ceremonies do not include drugs or hallucinogens.
It is not to be done “for fun” but only with intention, and guided in ceremony.
– This is not just a social event to hang out with others, although there will be plenty of times during the day for laughter and community.
– It is not for those looking to have their work done for them (i.e. ‘trip out’ waiting for enlightenment to strike!).

Like all spiritual journeys, a person must be willing to dive in and look at what’s present for them in their life.  If you’re willing to ask the questions, our sacred medicine ceremonies can provide the answers.

John and Eden, both Shaman practitioners trained and initiated with this medicine and in ancient energy healing practices in the lineage of the indigenous medicine men and women of the High Andes of Peru, will be there to guide you on this journey and throughout the day to help release any heavy energy, open you to new energies ready to come in, and realign your highest Soul’s path.


How long does it last?
Effects of our ceremonies last up to 12 hours, although dream time can be vivid throughout the night thereafter.

What will I feel?
Some describe it as mild and dream-like. Yet it can be marked with more intense periods of introspection, vision, reflection and emotion.  Most experience it in waves of varying intensity throughout the day, so it is at times possible to go for a walk, talk with others, take a nap, etc.  Some people at times say they feel “pretty normal”, however usually upon sitting in stillness they realize they are experiencing a different state of being and openness.

Does it make me get sick?
It is not often that someone gets sick (i.e. vomit), however depending upon what heavy energy or toxic emotions you need to purge from your body, some people may feel slight nausea for the first 30 minutes, or sometimes need to purge.  Any lasting nausea is usually due to your resistance of letting something go.  If you do purge, it’s for a reason and good to get the energy out of your body.  From our experience those who have gotten sick have only done so once in the very beginning, then they are done. But again it is rare.

What do we do all day?
After opening ceremony, there will be guided journeys to help begin your vision quest. During the day we will be also leading meditations and other shamanic drum journeys to enhance the experience.  When needed, individual energy healing and clearing sessions will be done one-on-one.

In the morning following breakfast there will be a closing circle and time for integration of all the experiences.
One final note:

An added bonus of Community:

I was really touched by someone who described our last ceremony as a “family” kind of feeling on the morning after ceremony. We were sitting in group circle sharing our experiences. There was just so much laughter and love that was present. I hadn’t thought of it as a “family” experience, but it actually does seem to resemble that, with every group that we facilitate. It is quite natural for people to bond, share in a beautiful community, and delight in what has been created for each person after the daylong and overnight ceremony.

Here are the dates of our upcoming ceremonies in Bonsall, CA:

Space is limited to 20 people per ceremony and we typically sell out. If you have questions or would like to reserve your place for an upcoming ceremony, please email us at info@johnandeden.com.  It would be our pleasure to discuss if this is right for you.

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