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Despacho Prayer Bundle ceremony

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Written by Eden Clark

This week John and I led a beautiful Despacho up in LA.  We were asked to lead a blessing for a new business venture, poolside at the fancy Viceroy Hotel no less (reminding us that anywhere can be sacred!).

andeden.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/photo-1-225×300.jpg” alt=”John and Eden – Despacho Prayer Bundle Ceremony” width=”225″ height=”300″ />A despacho is a sacred prayer bundle that begins with a blank white piece of paper, symbolic of the purity of our Souls. We then layer various objects to honor the elements, earth, Spirit, our bodies, the balance of the divine masculine / feminine, and our relationship to All – from flowers to beans/corn to candy to shells and other items specific to the event we are celebrating. Each person participating also blows in to the Kuyas their intentions and deepest wishes they desire to manifest. In the Q’ero tradition Kuyas are 3 coca leaves, however in the US we use bay leaves (coca can be hard to come by).

The entire despacho is blessed and, when done, the bundle is wrapped using colorful ribbon, topped with flowers, then burned in a fire, which is said to release the prayers up to Spirit.

and consciously call in what you intend, and release what needs releasing.  It is a deeply powerful way to bring in abundance, manifest our intentions, and honor all that is sacred in our lives.


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