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How Do You Get What You Want?

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Getting What You Want

We all have our desires.

Whether it’s a more successful career, the ideal loving partner, or creating a lifestyle that affords more travel.

If you’re anything like me, you can spend a lot of time trying to figure out how you’re going to manifest those things.

One of the lessons I received last week, as I was on my way to Mt. Shasta in Northern California, was to not worry about “The How”.

It occurred to me that every time I ask the question, “Well, how would I do that?” I have to go into my mind to figure it out.

Instead, stay in your heart.

As my loving partner says, “Let the magic of the universe do the work for you. They’ll dream a lot bigger than you ever will.”

You may think you know the how. So you can start operating from this mental place, trying to put things together and move things forward, and then maybe the universe gives it to you. Now, the universe could have had something much more extraordinary in mind for you. But you said, “I want this.” So instead, the universe gives you this. All because you’re trying to manifest it mentally. Instead, come from a heart place: manifest it energetically.

We’ve all heard clichés like “Let go, and let God.” But “letting go of the how” is a huge one because most people just want the “3 simple steps”. They’d rather have something that makes sense to their linear mind. However, in case you haven’t noticed, the universe doesn’t usually work in a linear way.

To manifest things energetically, we first have to realize that we are responsible for everything in our lives. We have to get, on a larger level, that we completely created the circumstances of our lives.

“The individual must have Free Will or he could not be a Creator”. – Godfre Ray King

If you created where you are, then you can now create something else. So what is it that you want?

Can you see it?

Feel it?

Taste it?

Your job is to then hold that vision. Let the universe work out the details for you.

*Now, this doesn’t mean you can go watch Scooby Doo for the rest of the day. When you’re holding the vision, you may get inklings of things you need to do, places you should go, or people you should connect with. So then take that action. But let it be heart-connected action.

Being both a spiritual coach and life coach, my work is about integrating both elements of the soul and also the practical application of the actions required to manifest your highest path.

While I firmly believe that “The way to do is to be”, there are still actions that one must take in order to manifest the results that they’d like to produce. The question then becomes, “Are you in the flow of your actions or are you experiencing resistance?”

Now, the actions required to manifest your highest path are unique to you. However, if you’re trying to force an outcome, then you’ll probably experience some kind of resistance. Instead, silence the turbulence of your mind, drop down into your body, breathe into your belly, and experience oneness.

“Be” first. Then “do”.

That’s the way to manifest what you desire.

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John Germain Leto

After a successful career as an agent for such artists as Beyonce and Usher, John ached to make a bigger difference with his life. He’s now coached hundreds of people to greater success and spoken to thousands through his seminars across the country. He’s been featured in USA Today, Life & Style, and the New York Daily News as well as appeared as a life coach on MTV’s “Made”, in addition to ABC News and Entertainment Tonight.