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Love: The Essential Ingredient

“My song is love.
Love to the loveless, shown.”

– from A Message by Coldplay

Yesterday, I went to the Doheny Blues Festival with my buddy, Gary Christmas, for his birthday. While I’m usually totally down for blues music and festivals, I was left with an unusual, unsatisfying feeling. It just wasn’t that much fun and the music was just ok.

This morning when I woke, it occurred to me what was wrong with yesterday’s festival:

There just wasn’t that much love there.

If you think about it, Blues music by its very nature is about “low” things. It’s all “I’ve been mistreated” kind of stuff. Also, maybe it was the crowd. Actually, I felt that I was carrying around a lot of light yesterday wearing my “ohm” t-shirt and spiritual rings and bracelets. Several times throughout the day I felt like I was attracting darker energy from other people at the festival. I’m not sure what that was about.

It’s such a simple thing. It’s such an oversaid thing.


It’s the essential ingredient to “what we are moving towards”. If there is one element required to raise our vibration on this planet and have us shift to something greater, it’s going to include Love. Lots of it.

I’m usually a firm believer that instead of seeking love in a situation, it’s important to just bring love. So if we want more love in a certain relationship or in a trying situation with someone, then we must bring
more love to that situation.

It’s easy to feel love for my one-year old when she’s acting cute. You may have seen her message for everyone lately on facebook to just “be happy” (if not, you can view it here:


Yet lately, there has been a difficult situation for me that has arisen with my 19-year old son from a short-lived college relationship. It seems to test every ounce of consciousness that I have. It could be really easy for me to profess love and consciousness, yet for the most challenging of situations revert back to judgment, blame, or self-righteousness. For each of us in our lives, there is usually one particular area that is especially challenging. It’s with those specific situations that we must use what we know. We must sometimes “dig deep” to bring our light to those darkest shadows, knowing that the light will conquer all.

So I’m going to strive to bring more love to the situation with my son. I’m going to strive to have more love for myself, even though I don’t always live up to my self-created expectations. I’m going to strive to have love for those who carry heaviness and darkness and sometimes act upon their woundedness, instead of consciousness.

Or rather, not “going to”.

I Am.


What about you?

How can you bring a greater sense of love and compassion to your life, especially to those areas that may be the most challenging?

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