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Enlighten Yourself

Message from the Angels

Written by Eden Clark

A beautiful message from my Guides I received in meditation, when I asked if there was a message they could give me to share with others:

“What you can share is that the coming of the New Age, which you are now very much in, is not one of separation of Light and Dark, of Love and Hate, or of duality of mind. It is the coming together of frequencies in such a way that darkness is illuminated, love¬†transcends all, and polarity ceases to exist when you consciously choose to live a path of Light. You will receive everything you need, you will receive the abundance and love you are meant. All paths will lead to love and a return to Oneness within. It may take a lifetime to achieve this in pure form, in such a way All is transcended, but the journey is well worth it. We assure you it is incredibly short by most standards. The ability to become Light in its pure form is available to you now. This is the gift of the New Age so many have written about, talked about, and created over the centuries. It is now available to you. It is now open to you. You are Light, your cells have become Light, and the codes are awakening. Your access point to the god-code within is ready to launch, so-to-speak. All of the preparation has been done, the groundwork has been laid, and the time to launch is now. All it requires is a firm commitment to continually evolve the soul, the path of your highest choosing, in whichever way is right for you. The religion, the practice, the belief system does not matter. Only a purity of heart and intention is required. You are all children under the same sun, you are all One in the eyes of the All. This is why the wars, the fighting, the discrepancies in belief systems are of no matter. That is solely of the human ego and human creation, based in centuries of disbelief and polarity and, sadly, desire for power without love. This will all cease to exist in the time to come, but for now it must run its course. There is a greater awakening within humanity that is continuing. Do your own work, live the path of Light you were born for. This is all that is needed, and we assure you the rest will shift accordingly.”¬†

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About the author

Eden Clark

Eden has been a published author with Random House, has written for countless magazines and blogs, and is a contributing writer for PREVENTION magazine with more that 10 million readers. Her desire is for people to step out of the exhaustive cycle of what they think their life has to be, and instead awaken to their full power, their highest path, and their brightest future.