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2015: This is Just the Beginning

New Year 2015 formed from sparking digits over black background
Written by Eden Clark

2014 was a powerful year of expansion and introspection. Consciousness is reaching a peak, people everywhere – even mainstream media – are talking about things that were once taboo or weird: chakras, the energy body, how we are all connected, and how our thoughts & emotions shape our perception of reality. BUT THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. The veils are (almost) off, humanity is awakening, and the remembering of who we truly are is happening at a faster pace than ever before. As we open to this pull, we are faced with all that comes with expansion: letting go of old patterns and relationships that no longer serve us, learning to continually open our heart no matter the situation, and seeing the connectedness of All Life.

In this last week of 2014 we can talk in cliches of being in gratitude for all that happened and creating new realities for the year to come. But let’s face it: sometimes we’re just tired and need a break. Sometimes we look at the year and go “wow, I can’t believe THAT happened and I made it through it”. The unexpected is a part of life. Death, life, growth, challenges, lessons… all cycles of life we are continually a part of. Our calendar year is just a man-made linear marker of time, and yet the cycle of our Soul’s journey is not linear – it is always continuing upward in a never-ending spiral of divine activations and awakenings. We will always be experiencing what our soul needs for growth, at the exact time we need it. It can be raw, painful, unexpected, incredible, and beautifully messy. It is this very polarity of our existence that we have to embrace in order to keep our sanity through the swings from dark to light, from chaos to peace, and from fear to Love.

And so as we all take time to consciously close this year’s cycle, my deepest wish is for us all to find the peace we seek in this moment of Now to know we are whole, loved, and on our Soul’s ultimate path. It is a path we chose a long time ago, and it is one we will continually evolve through into the highest form of our Being.

~With love, Eden

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About the author

Eden Clark

Eden has been a published author with Random House, has written for countless magazines and blogs, and is a contributing writer for PREVENTION magazine with more that 10 million readers. Her desire is for people to step out of the exhaustive cycle of what they think their life has to be, and instead awaken to their full power, their highest path, and their brightest future.