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Vortex at Moray, Peru

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Written by Eden Clark

This photo taken of us at Moray in Peru. Of our entire group, only 4 of us made it down to the very center of the main circle, which is not an easy climb down from the top. Not coincidentally, there were 2 women, and 2 men. Without any pre-planning, we naturally gravitated to the very center where there was a deep hole in the ground covered with some rocks. Instinctually, we sat in perfect alignment of the four directions, in balance of the masculine/feminine as a cross. What transpired was a powerful vision of sacred geometry Рa swirling pyramid going deep in to the earth and high up above the circular rings, followed by a cylindrical column of light descending down around us, encasing us in a sphere of luminous crystal Light.

Anthropologists say Moray was used for farming, but no doubt there is much much more to the purpose of this ancient Incan place and the vortex of energy that is there.



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