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How To Know If Your Spiritual Path is the Truth

Written by Eden Clark

I’ve had a lot of people share their opinions with me on whether you can trust information you receive from a guide, angel, ascended master, or other “higher realm” being. How can you tell what is truth, and what is not? How can you tell if one spiritual path or way of healing is “true” or not? Everyone has their (usually strong) opinion about what they believe is real or fake. Or what religion or spirituality is full of b.s., or the “real” way. How many times have you been questioned about what you believe to be true?

I’ve been sitting deeply with this question for a while now. I finally went in to a deep meditation and, after a lot of contemplation, received the following. It speaks to the fact there is really no such thing as absolute Truth, no matter our experience here on Earth, because all truth is based on our perception of reality and our personal experience.

“No being should be trusted fully without first sensing their energy, or their Light, from within. No being should bring you wisdom that does not first show you something of your own soul. When you are told about your external reality, it is still often shaped on that being’s core experiences with universal truth, no matter how “evolved” they may be. EVERYTHING is a fraction of the truth. THERE IS NO WHOLE TRUTH, because whole truth – what you can also call totality – would only come when you are reunited with Source as one Omnipresent, all-knowing being. And so, ALL wisdom is only partial truth. ALL wisdom is conveyed through a veil of personal experience. It is up you to establish a connection with what aspect of Truth you wish to know and what aspect of Truth you wish to live. What aspect of universal wisdom do you wish to convey, and what aspect of universal wisdom do you want to shape your life? What you must realize is there is no Absolute Truth, only personal experience. That is all you have to live by, based on principles conveyed to you through writings, teachings, books, schools, parents, friends, culture, and humanity as a whole. So what you must question is if your personal experience is in line with your truth, not accepting that one thought or one way of being is absolute truth.”

I will also add this:

Science is not “truth”, it is the best guess at any given time based on available tools, discernment, data, and personal veils of the scientists. Religious texts are not absolute “truth”, they are guideposts written during a specific time period that may or may not resonate with our experiences today. Spiritual wisdom – be it from a guru, guide, angel, mother earth, or whomever – may not be fully “truth” as they are trying to convey vast universal concepts in to wildly simple terms that we, in human form, are trying to grasp through our limited personal experience of reality. They may simply be breadcrumbs leading you to a bigger personal experience of Truth.

It is imperative you evolve yourself in such a way that you have impeccable discernment. You can begin to *feel* truth as it is spoken, just as you can sense untruth. It is a deep inner knowing that resonates with “truth” – quite literally a frequency and vibration that can resonate within your very DNA. And yet, like the messaged I received said, what is true for you will always be through your own veil of experience, and the collective experience of humanity at this point in time, just as the wisdom being conveyed will be through the veil of experience from the person, being, angel, or guide giving it to you.

Ultimately I believe you have to ask yourself: is the information you are receiving coming from unconditional love, or fear? Is it allowing you the ability to have FREE WILL in your actions as a result of that Truth? Or is it asking that you give up all other beliefs, knowledge, and personal experience in exchange for believing it is true?

Never doubt your personal experience of Spirit when your heart is open, your discernment is clear, and your eyes are open. But do always stay open to new personal experiences that can radically shift your view of absolute truth in any given moment.

We are continually evolving what we know, experience, interpret, and process as we live through these times of radically shifting realities. We each have our experiences, and it should never be invalidated by another person. Evolve if you want to. Expand your belief or experience of truth if you need to. But always be open to new experiences that will bring new truths about what you believe and how you choose to live your life. We are always evolving. And evolving means never holding on to any one principle or experience as ultimate truth, because no doubt an experience will come along to challenge your belief of truth so you can evolve into something more.

With love,

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