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Let It Go

Pick off the Dead Leaves

Written by Eden Clark

This afternoon I was tending to one of my big indoor house plants, picking off leaves that were brown and dying. Its something that bothers me, I can’t just leave them to die and fall off on their own.

As I was tending to my plant, I couldn’t help but think of a stranger I once spoke with 15 years ago:  I had taken a self-development workshop, located in an unassuming building with a rather bland entrance.  At the front of the building were several large, sad looking plants.  As I left the building there was a man who had been in my class standing next to one of the plants, meticulously picking off the dead leaves. I gave him an inquisitive look as I passed by, to which he simply replied “Plants have a life force. When the dead leaves stay on them, their energy gets weakened. When you remove the dying leaves they can focus all their energy on the healthy leaves and the plant grows stronger”.

The same goes for us.  Too often we allow several dying leaves to hang on, not realizing the amount of energy its taking to keep them with us.  We think its too much effort to remove them from our life because we don’t truly realize how much its pulling from our vital life force energy.

When I work with clients to heal the past, I’m essentially helping remove these dying or dead leaves, aspects of them that are draining their essential life force — sometimes for years, decades or even lifetimes. Its amazing what we carry around with us, so often in the background, waiting for them to just fall out of our life.

To live our best life, our most powerful, we each have a personal responsibility in doing our own spiritual work. Its about truly letting go of those dead leaves in our life, the issues or situations or relationships that no longer serve us but are hanging on, taking up space and energy.  That space and energy is draining – emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  It can contribute to fatigue, physical ailments, being overly-emotional or being triggered easily by others, and much more.  In order to restore our deepest power and greatest health, we must be able to have our energy focused on our growth, lessons, and our Soul’s greatest journey.

Take a look at where in your life you have “dead leaves”, and consider picking them off.  Try doing a Leave a Comment


About the author

Eden Clark

Eden has been a published author with Random House, has written for countless magazines and blogs, and is a contributing writer for PREVENTION magazine with more that 10 million readers. Her desire is for people to step out of the exhaustive cycle of what they think their life has to be, and instead awaken to their full power, their highest path, and their brightest future.